Original Letter


                        23rd March, 1918


My Dearest Toopy [?]:–

Its the clouds of the night, awfully late to be writing but its better than not writing at all.
            All the afternoon I was very busy and in the evening I was moving. Now its after midnight but I am settled down comfortably so I shall get on with the important – the only important part of the days work, writing to you. You won’t mind, Dear, if this is only some kind of a letter for I find after getting squared away, that I am more or less webled [?] – quite a bit more. But everything will be on velvet presently for Bobbie is busy making coffee. Yesterday there was an issue of socks a gift from some town in Canada and one sock in each pair contained a nut bar a NUT BAR! a pipe and a tin of our old friend George Washington coffee. The nut bar, of course, went west at once and I didn’t bother packing la pipe but the coffee is right here getting converted into a drink.

Of course we didn’t get mail to-day and I was aching with longing for one because I always need one. But especially to-day because I’ve been telling you all day that I love you – sort of whispering it to myself and I wanted to hear you saying that you loved me. But I got the answer anyway for I read the ones I got the last three days.

We got a dirty jolt this morning. Leave if you please, is stopped. It will not be for very long I suppose but its tough sledding for “them as is sweating”. So long as it opens up by July – which of course it will  I shan’t worry. Anyway the war will probably be finished by then.

I saw Bill Mackie this morning for a few minutes and had a good laugh with him. He told me (this was not what we were laughing about) that George nearly died with pneumonia.

You should see the swank of me, Dear. This morning I got new shoes, a hair cut got my tunic pressed and had three service stripes sewn on. They are small blue chevrons much the same as the French and are worn inverted on the right sleeve just above the cuff – great camouflage.

Dearest, the coffee call is sounding and I must away. Please take me in your arms just for a minute [part of the text goes off the side of the page here] hurry up for I am just about falling to sleep. With all my love, Dear.

            Ton Ross