Original Letter


                        24th March, 1918.


My Own Dearest:–

No letter to-day and I am desolé beaucoup, as I always am when your letters are delayed. When a mail arrives and does not bring a letter, then for the next twenty four hours I hate myself, I am a nuisance to myself and to all about me. On the other hand when I do get my letter there is joy in Egypt – also in France. But I am two mails now so if I don’t get some to-morrow I’ll start out looking for them. Can you picture me hiking along the road peeking about carefully for my letters. Once I got well away I would hope that I never would find one until I got right to Carentonne.

There is nothing much to tell in the way of news – is there ever? It is colder to-day and I am having a struggle to keep warm in this draughty dugout. But that isn’t anything much to worry about. There is a good brazier in the room where I sleep and I am very comfortably situate[d], taken all round.

All I really have to tell you, Dear, is that I love you – a lot – and I always have and always will. You are an adorable Sweetheart and I have adored you from the very first day I saw you. I don’t want to talk or think about anything else than you and my love. Its just the biggest thing in life, Dear, and at that it is not nearly half as much as you deserve. I have never told you half enough about yourself. You are just the most glorious girl that has been – ever. You deserve the very best of everything in the world – and you only got me! Poor little Maidie – I have always loved her with every atom of me and yet I’ve never been able to tell her properly. Four months from to-day I shall be with you again and this time I am not going to do a single thing but be with you every minute – in your arms, and I am going to tell you to the very last word all my love. Dearest, I adore you.

            Your own



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