Original Letter


                        March 29th 1918


My Dearest Maidie:–

I had some kind of a journey last night and was plenty fatigued and cold and wet. It was about five o’clock and to my great joy there was a good fire going. I never did find out who the good fairy was who started my fire until this afternoon. Charley Holmes told me that he had made it and waited until 4.30 to see me and then gave up and went to bed. Miller and I were very soon in bed and were not quite in until we were asleep. We never did bat an eye until 9.30. Imagine on active service being allowed to sleep until 9.30! Everyone is more or less sleepy to-day but I feel great although at noon I wilted and wanted to spear another nap. There was no time for it as we are moving again tonight and there is plenty to do. This next will be short and there will be a big slumber to-night.

Turkey has not returned although his leave was up on the 27th. This fact in conjunction with the fact that I haven’t had a letter for three days makes me think communication is perhaps a little uncertain. In these days I must possess my soul in patience.

Today was the day I was to address your letter to Nice but I am going to address it to Bernay as I am not sure that you are going. Its too bad, Dear, to have your holiday delayed – it if is – its a rotten shame and makes still another count against the Bosche, damn his eyes. But the next mail I get should tell whether you are making it or not and I hope that I shall hear that George’s leave has not been stopped. I know that you need the change of air and scene and besides it isn’t every day that the chance of visiting Nice is dangled under one’s snout. I could enjoy a little journey there myself right now. At the same time there is plenty of interest to be encountered right here – but who the hell wants to see it? I only want to see you, to be with you to love you and be loved. I adore you every minute of my time and there never can be any peace of mind nor contentment for me until we are together again. You are perfect, Sweetheart and have made me very very happy – life with you is glorious, Dear. You are an angel. Every bit of love in the world, Dear

            Your own