Original Letter


                        30th March 1918

My Dearest Angel:–

If this rain and storm doesn’t stop this bit of an offensive that our ancient enemy has instigated it should. Anyway it has sapped a lot of my enthusiasm. We ploughed through it this afternoon and jokes were getting hard to catch by the time we arrived. But we got into dry huts and soon had a fire going so now its pretty well forgotten. But I have only to turn my head the slightest bit to see my coat and puttees and cap drying by the stove. Fat Fritz has certainly u pset the even tenor of our ways and for that I shall be gladder than ever to see him beaten.

Pas de lettre! The last letter I had was dated the 20th and I am getting anxious, for I do not suppose that you are getting my letters either. It will only be a matter of a few days and things will adjust themselves again. But in the meantime its no good for the troops. How do I know, for instance, that you love me – when you haven’t told me since the 20th? Of course, I know you do, Baby, but its upsetting not being told.


I love every little last bit of you to-day, Sweetheart, all the time on the march I talked to you and amused myself by recalling lots of funny things you have told me. For with all due credit to Granny her jokes are flat compared to yours. Viewed from any angle you are the finest, cleverest, wittiest handsomest girl ever. That’s only a tithe of what I think you are, Dear, you are far more wonderful than that but I’ll only tell you a little at a time, otherwise you might get conceited – you wouldn’t do that, would you, sweetheart?

Turkey isn’t back yet and is now three days over due – we are all very much worried about him but he is probably held up some place.

I am going to go to bed now Dear, if you’ll excuse me and I think that it will not be long before I am asleep. I am not tired now, but I am mighty sleepy. Could I get taken in your arms for a few minutes, please, with oceans of love

            Your own