Original Letter


                                                                  3rd April 1918


My Own Sweetheart:–

Pressé encore! Quelque place j’ai ententue la phrase ou l’appelation “Monsieur Toujours Pressé”. And I think that is applied very bien to me these days. Running to and fro in the earth does not leave much time for the things one wants to do. And again to-day no letter. Its a good job there are two kinds of luck or I wouldn’t have any. Missing yesterday as I did I entertained the high hope for today. Well, anyway its a good job that there is nearly always a tomorrow.

You Baby, how I love you to-day! I am full of it oozing with it teeming and bursting with it I want you furiously – you know the way – want to take you in my arms and rumple you (I’m not inventing any new names for it) hug you so hard that you would be obliged to cry for help. Would you, do you think? You might but theres no precedent. Do you love me like that today? do you always love me like that? You’d better, Dear, because I need every bit of it. Lately I have been feeling very dull and more lonesome than ever before. I think that I miss Turkey more than anything and I hope that he soon comes back. Miller is just – here on suffrance until Turk’s return and it is very uncomfortable. But probably its the spring more than anything thats unsettling me. At that I have got nothing to kick about and must pull myself together. Anyway its only on days that I don’t get letters that I feel like this. When I get them I feel like a fighting cock.

Are you sick of my grousing, Dear? You must be and I’ll grouse no more. Its a good world and I have all the luck in it cornered. I’ve got the grandest girl in it and she loves me. Its great. With all my love, Dearest of Sweethearts.

                                                            Your own