Original Letter


                        10th April, 1918


My Own:–

I got your letter to-night telling about your disappointment and, Dear, I am awfully sorry. I think its just the maximum of misfortune. Why didn’t you obey that impulse and push on by yourself? I think its a shame and I would give anything to be able to do something to make it up but here I am down a hole, helpless. Anyway there is some comfort in the fact that Geordie didn’t bother letting you know that leave was cancelled until after you were on in your way. For a day or so in Paris, although by no means half a loaf is better than no trip at all. Poor Maidie she doesn’t have much fun.

We had a hefty kind of a trip hier soir and to-day I feel as if a road-roller had passed my way when I was there. Mary, Mary, the Bosche the maudit Bosche. He has got a tremendous lot to answer for – stopping your trip keeping me down a hole and messing the world up generally. Never again shall I hold converse with a Dutchman – the slim devils. But they do put up some kind of a scrap! I got your letters of the 2nd and 3rd so I am all up to date again – its really not such a bad war.

Dearest, do you mind if I step and dodge off for a sleep? I am just as sleepy as a pig, and I know that you wouldn’t have much trouble putting me to sleep to-night. Will you take me in your arms and listen while I tell you that I love you a lot and want you a lot and that I am awfully sorry you did not get your holiday. Dearest, I adore you.

            Your own Ross