Original Letter


                        12th April 1918.


My Dearest:–

Your letter telling of your safe arrival home arrived ce soir and I was enormously relieved to learn that you were safely out of Paris. Its one thing to sit up here comfortably and sneer at his big gun but quite another story when the wife of your bosom is staying in its target. Therefore I heaved a large sigh of relief. These be stirring times when you stop to think of it. I often wonder what it will be like afterwards when this war is over. It will certainly be tame going about in ordinary clothes or clothes that were ordinary once without being prepared to duck or casting the odd furtive eye about for shelter when one hears a queer noise. I’m all for the days that are tame. Have you ever thought of going back to England?

Its been a dull kind of a day the only bright spot has been your letter. As soon as I finish writing I am going to bed and read it a lot and afterwards when I go to sleep I am going to dream that I am with you somewhere, anywhere, with no one else near us and under no obligation to see anyone or do any thing but just those things that our own fancy might dictate. I know what you are thinking of but you had better be continent. However, its not a bad thought and I’m for it. But I can never hope to have as good a dream as that!

Bill Leicester isn’t far from here and if I can get away to-morrow I am going to try and find him. I’d surely love to see Bill.

Say, Sweetheart, I love you and I want you to know about it. You are just the grandest ever and I idolize you, worship you. I’m just tired waiting for you to take me, Dear, in your arms! Heavens, its paradise. Your own Ross


Bill Leicester: Bill Leicester: