Original Letter

            France. 14th April 1918

My Dearest:–

The two letters I had tonight were delicious, my Dear, especially the one with the good little quotations on love. They were both very clever but I can’t see where Byron can be right for I know that with me my love for you is not ‘a thing apart’ – it’s my whole ‘existence’ – and I could not bear considering it otherwise. I mean I would not have it altered for the world. I am quite sure that it is the thought of our great love – rather the knowledge, the certainly of it  that makes life what it is. Lots of times I have thought that things looked very gloomy – that discomforts were beaucoup, but just as soon as I thought th ings over everything seemed serene and right – not once but every time this has happened. I am never lonesome in the true sense of the word – I am always lonesome for you – my heart is breaking with it always, but I am never alone for my mind is always busy weaving dreams of you and I have a wonderful store of memories to keep my mind occupied. I adore you every minute, Sweetheart and when you write me suggesting that “I should bear with you when you greg me” – well my head swims quite a bit and I want more than ever to take you in my arms and tell you that you are the dearest, kindest most forebearing angel in the world and that you will never be able to ‘greg’ me ­– never – no matter how hard you try and that I love you with all that in me is. The bad in me is myself, the good, if there is any is you but all of me good and bad just quivers with love for you.

            Your own