Original Letter


                        19th April 1918

My Dearest Maidie:

Hoo-thousand-rahs! I got a letter today. Yes yours of the 11th. The one for the 10th has not turned up yet but it will tomorrow. I’m just as happy as I can be this evening in consequence of that letter. She loved me a lot in that letter, the Sweetheart and while I read it and ever since my heart beat like a trip hammer. Its just perfectly glorious to know that you love me a lot. It just makes me purr with contentment. Your vision of 10 Chateaubriand was grand and is a favourite one of my own. And you know you can say “what did you say, Dearest” in such a tone that I think you haven’t really heard what I said or don’t really know what I mean.

Just now one of the signallers asked what ‘chaste’ meant. Then he read me a joke. “The initials W.A.A.C. do not stand for we are all chaste”! Anyway they have lots of fun I think at the expense of the lady soldiers.

I didn’t get down for my bath today, but am going tomorrow. I shall stay on the job until midnight and then I’ll go tomorrow forenoon to the Baths. Did I tell you that I had overdone the creosol yesterday? Yes, too true! And I tried to be careful. Anyway I’m still convinced that creosol is the lesser of two evils.

The weather just can’t be anything but good here. Yesterday was filthy, today is great. If Fritz wanted good weather for his spring effort he is certainly getting it. The longer the good weather lasts the sooner will the war be over. So God send us a fine spring. It looks to me like a good spring for finishing a war.

Dearest, I want you to know that I love you a fierce big awful lot to-day. You are the loveliest Sweetheart that ever lived and the best in every way. And you never could be “cantankerous You are not half firm enough with me that’s your only trouble. You are too nice to me when I am a mean and unreasonable. You are perfect, Sweetheart of mine.

            Your own