Original Letter


                        20th Apr. 1918

My Own Sweetheart:

I am just back from my bath and its almost time for the mail to go out and I have to rush. I never did dream that I wouldn’t be back by two o’clock but it was farther than I thought and I was delayed un peu. I had dinner with Holmes and ate too much – pig  and had a violent pain in my pan all the way home. But I am cleansed and in proud possession of clean clothes, have tobacco enough to last out the war and am fairly well satisfied with the result of my commercial trip through France.

I really have only time to tell you that I love you a lot to-day, Baby, for the chap who takes the bag is here waiting and he’s getting dreadfully impatient. Its a sin and I know that you will give it to me for not writing in the morning as I should have done when I knew perfectly well that something might happen to delay me. Please just take me in your arms for the moment I have left, Dear, and love me and tell me that it is all right (though it isn’t, a bit). I love you love you love you, angel of all the world.

            Your very own