Original Letter


                        21st April 1918

My Dearest Maidie:–

Didn’t I write you the stingy letter yesterday. I’ve been ashamed of myself ever since but I hadn’t a minute at all. I had lots of things to tell you too. Dear, you do have to put up with a lot of my nonsense, haven’t you?

Before I go an inch further I want to tell you that I am mad about you and avec raison for you are the most perfect Sweetheart that ever was and a thousand times too good for me. How is it, Dear, that you are so good? I’m filled with wonder about you always. I can never figure out how I came to be so lucky. Its a miracle and so are you.

Holmes showed me a letter he had addressed to you enclosing one pour la belle Blanche. He is enchanted with the idea of fooling her good parents. He walked back part of the way with me yesterday and he talked about it quite a bit.

Did I tell you that I could see Daniels home town from here? It helps to make me lonesome – everything does but especially anything that reminds me of my leave. Right now I am living partly in my last leave but mostly in my next one. Nothing was ever anticipated so much as that next leave. I am not allowing myself to hope that the war will be over by then although I can’t see why it won’t be. I am awfully fed on being away from you all the time and cannot see how I can keep on much longer. There is nothing to do, of course, but grin and bear it.

Last night I was on duty until one o’clock and got to bed about two. I slept just like a log until 9.30 this morning and could have slept three or four hours more without any effort.

My big news is that I got four letters from you to-day! Four glorious letters each one better than the last. I have been as happy as a sandboy ever since over those letters too, and I am going to have an evening with them after I finish writing. You write me beautiful letters, Maidie, and the love you put in them takes me to the seventh heaven – there is no one like you my Dearest, you are in a class all by yourself and I adore you. I want to be with you – in your arms always  and my heart is sore with longing for you Beloved. I love your offer to take off my clothes and put a nightshirt – one of yours – on me and put me to bed – take me rather – and having your answer all ready. Baby, you are perfect. Your own Ross