Original Letter

            France, 25th Apr. 1918


My Dearest Maidie:–

Let the great big world keep turning – three months ago I was on my way to you, praise the day! – and three months from today D.O. I shall be on my way to you again. The calendar tells me that it is only three months ago but it seems like three times three. But the time passes some way or other and in three months – 91 days  I shall be on my way to tell you how much I have loved you during the long intolerable six months we were separated. And I’m going to tell you that too and not bore you to tears as I did last time, with a lot of dope and bunk which made you want to put your fingers in your ears. Wasting valuable time telling you silly stuff that you had heard dozens of times before when I might have been telling you how much I loved you. What I needed was a perfectly good kick on my silly derriere.

My Dear, I’ve a confession to make. Last night I had a parcel and a letter – in a strange handwriting! Ha! enter the villainess with a coat of fur on her wicked back. With trembling but dexterous fingers I untied the string which was around the parcel. And a fair class of parcel it was bar the socks and oxo cubes. Feverish with curiosity I opened the letter and it was from a Miss Alberta Logan of Medicine Hat – the hussy – a school-teacher. Her brother was in the 50th – missing on the Somme eighteen months ago. It appears – although I can’t remember it – that while I was in Rouen a chap named McIntyre in Blighty wrote me for information about Logan. I replied (!) and evidently pitched a good tale and McIntyre sent my letter home to the family where, no doubt, it made a deep impression and according to Alberta now is one of the most cherished family treasures. Bursting with gratitude for the man who so keenly appreciated their brothers virtues, Alberta, on behalf of the family sends me a letter and a parcel. And now, my Dear, my confession is made. I have told you all and must stand or fall by your decision.

We have had a barrel of fun over it, Turk and I – and Turk is going to write “forget it he’s a married man across the letter and send it back.

That is about all the fun there has been today. I got two glorious letters tonight from you and am exulting – and I certainly can exultation over your letters. Lots of good dope in them too – your bath of course appealing to me irresistibly – as at present I’m a dirty rat. Wasn’t Baby funny with her eggs. I expect some kind of an omelette, when I go there again. Don’t go and get the grippe, Dear, its rotten and if you are ever sick it must be when I am with you to look after you and not when you are way off there by yourself. Your saying that although you are really quite capable of looking after yourself you always want to have me there to look after you describes exactly the way I feel about you. the only difference is that I am not capable of looking after myself. Even if I were I need you every minute to look after me. I need you every way, Sweetheart always.

Somebody has been stringing Bill about this locality. Why – its the greatest home we have ever had and if I hadn’t you in France I would spend my leave here. Somebody has been telling him ghost stories. Bogey man, that sort of thing. have never had a chance to see him yet although I know they are right beside us. This time Leadwell is out at the Horse Lines and I am alone all day so I’ve no chance. Its rotten in one way being tied down, but on the other hand I did not come here to prowl.

Do you want to know something dear? Well I haven’t done anything today but love you – just that all day long and I want to tell you that you are the sweetest most loveable truest Sweetheart this world has ever known. Dearest, I adore you. And she did write me lots of love in French and I loved it – your French, Dear, it was great do it some more. Au revoir, my own,

            Your own



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