Original Letter


                        27th April 1918


My Dearest Maidie:-

When I wrote you yesterday I was feeling like I needed a friend but thanks to the ministrations (new name for quinine tablets ) of our M.O. I’m all better to-day. Last night I took a few tablets when I was going to bed and this morning I’m better than ever. The quinine gave me a bad night. One awful night more particularly but it did the trick. We go out tonight and I am as glad to go as anything for I think another week in a dugout would fix me. I know that my lungs would be plugged up and if I wanted breath I’d have to use a hypodermic. At that a dugout isn’t the unhealthiest place in these parts and its safer than a church.

Two good letters last night, Sweetheart – I want to kiss you a hundred times for each one. The S.M. brought them to me after I had gone to bed and I had a perfectly good read before I went to sleep. And then I falled to sleep and what did I dream but that you got up to get the b.f. and I wakened before you got back! I’ve been weeping wailing crying and sobbing in turn ever since. And in spite of all that I feel all better today so it must have been mighty potent quinine.

I’m awfully glad that you have missed the grippe so far and hope that you miss it altogether. Its a curse. Its too bad that Ruthie is feeling seedy please tell her that my nightly S.O.S. to heaven includes an appeal for her speedy recovery.

Sweetheart take me in your arms for a few minutes while I tell you that I love you today with a huge big love and that I am just as lonesome as a pig. Listen closely for I might tell you something else. Angel, je t’adore.           

            ton mari



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