Original Letter


                        29th April 1918


My Own Dearest:

Plus de lettre to-day (is that said right). How come, my Dear, that I get no letter today? Its been a rainy divil of a day and our shack is quite sufficiently draughty, but chill and draught are nothing and I welcome them after the dugout. Bobby is out salvaging wood and the prospect[s] for a fire tonight are away better than good.

To-morrow as ever was I am going to have a holiday and in the afternoon I am going for a ride on the Adjutants horse, s’il vous plait. I shall be mighty pleased to get away for a day. In the morning I am going to see if I can find Leicester but as they have probably moved it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack – a knitting needle. If it were level country I could soon pick him up.

I did forget to put the money for my ring in the parcel yesterday. I’m enclosing it today. And another terrible thought – you told me once that registered stuff went quickly. Well, that fool parcel will come to you unannounced and the poor sweetheart will think its a birthday present! Its a shame – twisting the dirk in the wound. I should have warned you but I am superstitious about my ring. And I’m packing that fool rabbits foot yet! — I’ll keep it until I get my ring back anyway. The little catch on my chain that you fixed has never slipped. You are the boss fixer I know.

Heigho! 89 days until I see the girl who makes the world go round. The time is passing but it is passing far too slowly – there is no use talking away from you I should never be anything but discontented. I just don’t exist away from you, Dearest, you are just as necessary as breath to me. I know that nobody else here is as lonesome as I because nobody else has such a Sweetheart waiting for him, loving him and sending him glorious letters. If I hat [sic] at the tip of my tongue all the nice words and phrases ever coined I still wouldn’t be able to half tell you how wonderful you are. But you know, Dearest, that you have every atom of love that I possess. Don’t you? You had better say yes.

            Your own




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