Original Letter


                        4th May 1918

My Own Dearest:–

I have had a most interesting day and have been très occupé – best of all I have been out of doors in the good fresh air. One of my friends in the Scout Section – Billy Heavenor – who is out of the line this trip, is a real shark on map-reading. Once when we were in the line we were discussing it and we arranged that if the opportunity ever arose we would take day a map, compass and the necessary paraphernalia and try and insinuate some inkling of this interesting subject into my bean. To-day was the day and I think I learned quite a bit. Anyway I had a good day of it and topped it off tonight with a long walk, Charles Holmes et moi.

This is by way of being a real holiday and I am enjoying every minute of it – not only am I not worrying about the Battalion being in the line without me – I am not even curious!

Jimmie Graham is going to England tomorrow for a course “with a view to being granted a commission” in the Machine Guns. Over a year ago he put in an application for it and it has only materialised now. He is delirious with joy and we are all very pleased. There is a rumour abroad that courses are going to re-open shortly for l’infanterie in which event I expect I shall go myself – what are you going to say. Could you bring yourself to considering passing the summer in Blighty. I have abundant doubts as to my ability to get though the course – I have such a wealth of inexperience  but everyone here laughs at my doubts so possibly I underrate my ability – yes, quite possibly.

Dear I must tell you I made an assay of my heart today and it disclosed the fact that 100% of my love is for you. Truly, Dearest, I just love you and love you. And I got two letters tonight telling me the very things that I wanted to know when you loved me first and that you still love me. You can conceive Sweetheart, that I am in a great trance tonight. I remember very well – of course – the morning after our swim when we were having our skin [?] heat pulling you down beside me – and, my Dear, your thrills were as nothing compared with mine! I love you, Toopy, I always have and I always shall so long as time shall last. Angel, I adore you.

            Your own