Original Letter

            Bexhill, Sussex.

                        May 15th 1918.

My Own Maidie:-

This is far and away the best front I have been on yet. We flew at it in the approved fashion all forenoon but in the afternoon we paraded out to watch a baseball game. Pretty tough on the troops having to loaf all afternoon on that beautiful grass and watch a ball game. Well, I mean to say! I’ll tell you about our day. At six we fly out of bed and put on fatigue suits – same old fatigue suits of Victoria Park days but much faded – make up our beds and if we are nimble enough we can get cocoa and bread and butter before P.T. at 6.30, but I’ve never been nimble enough. After P.T. there is just time to dress for breakfast. My company eats in a reformed museum long tables with a table cloth and flowers! And we get real food. Its a splendid place to fight all right. After breakfast there is time to check the Daily Mail and rub up the belt, bayonet and rifle. From 8.40 on its a real morning and my legs ache from 140-ing it to the minute. But I feel great and am positive that I am getting fat. I weighed at Victoria Station coming down here and weighed 172 lbs. Thats pretty good but I know I am putting on at least a pound a day.

All this is very fine and interesting but I am nearly broken in two parts wanting you. I left word at the Reserve to forward letters but first they would be forwarded from the Battalion and then from the Reserve so the letters you wrote me before my wire reached you will be some time getting here. Sweetheart, I am hoping with every little bit of me that you are on your way. I know that you can’t be yet with so many things to arrange but I am going ahead pretending that you are. It makes me sick to think of the way they rushed this thing. They might have given us at least a week’s warning they might have known that you couldn’t pick up and fly out of France at a moment’s notice. This is a beautiful place but its only a background for you, Dearest, and I shall not be the triflingest bit content until you get here.

I must tell you, Sweetheart, that I am head over heels in love with you – just bursting with it – and the outlook for a honeymoon was never so good but, please Beloved, hurry up and get here. Wednesday and Saturday afternoons off and Sunday is a holiday. I am just on edge with the prospect and, Baby, I am just going to love you to pieces. I adore you, best of Sweethearts, I love you every minute and I want you so much that my heart hurts. You will come to me soon, won’t you Maidie? I am snuggling into your arms now Angel – and I’m not a bit sleepy. Je t’adore, mon ange. Ton Ross