Original Letter


                        Metropole Hotel


                                                May 17th 1918.


My Sweetheart:-

Don’t you think that you had better come over here and look after me? I didn’t write yesterday and I have no valid excuse just laziness. I left it until ten o’clock at night and then just as I was starting the lights went off. Now isn’t that a rotten excuse? I went out after dinner with Tommy Morrison to look at the sea and he can’t be dragged away. “We shouldn’t leave this Rackie, they might take it away from here”. So you had better come because I want you to help me watch it.

Babes, I am sure that we can put in one beautiful summer here. I can get a sleeping out pass and its a gorgeous prospect. Sweetheart, it will be the greatest summer ever. It will be Paradise and we will get some swimming out of that old sea.

To-day has been a scorcher and I was wringing wet at 12.30 when we knocked off for lunch. I had a little bath and changed and the afternoon was devoted to sport. We march[ed] about a mile to the ground and played baseball until four. Every dauber must either play baseball, cricket or box. I boxed one afternoon and got two good swats in the mush. When we are marching easy we sing and everyone has to sing – no heel taps. Next week, of course, we will have training in the afternoons as well as the forenoon – this is a buckshee week.

Adored, I only love you, thats all and I am living only for the time when I can take you in my arms and tell you how much I love you when I loved you first and that I love you more than you love me. And I am not going to bore you with anything else – if being loved – hard – every minute doesn’t bore you, then Dearest, you will never be bored. Sweetheart, I want you. Will you come as soon as you can? The cold water supply is good at present but if they moved the sea —

Angel, je t’aime beaucoup ton Ross