Original Letter

            France Sept. 13th

                        its Friday too!

My Dearest:-

No word yet of our moving along although personally, I am keen to go – now that I am on my way. But its very unsettled and unsatisfactorylike here and I need action, it keeps me from brooding over the fact that I’m lonesome as the deuce. Did I tell you that we met “Stevie” here? He is Captain Stephen and used to be a Sergeant. He was slightly blessé in the last struggle but is all right again. He and Tommy and I spent the evening last evening together and remembered all sorts of things about the 50th from the very first.

This morning we had to go on parade at 7.40 but finished for the day at noon. But as there is nothing to see or do here I could prefer working. I am anxious to get to the Batt. quickly to get my letters from you. I wish I could have one from you today for I am lonesomer than a pig. This looked a fair pretty place when I passed through on my way to England but now I can see no good in it.

By this I suppose you are well back at Mrs Hedge’s nourishing your grudge against her red plush chairs and impossible table cover and unspeakable twin beds. And mentioning beds I had a good sleep last night in my bed roll. Everyone seems to have a sleeping bag, but so long as there are blankets I’ll be warm.

I’ve never told you once today that I loved you but I’ve thought it often and often. And Dearest Mary o’ mine I adore you. I love every second of you.

            Your own Ross


[This is written up the left-hand margin of the page:]

I didn’t find Doc Rezin yesterday — rain drove me home.

P.S. And aren’t the Yanks cutting loose?