Original Letter

            France. 20-9-18


My Dearest Maidie:–

It’s a broth of a day, warm and summery and lazy and I’ve been watching the birds and planes and things and wishing I were somewhere where there are hedges and trees and green fields and fat kine instead of the blasted countryside hereabout. It may have been a fair pretty country once but now there is nothing but shell holes and busted wire. Every tree has been cut down villages have ceased to exist except as indistinct piles of rubbish. I hope the Bosche has to pay through the snout for his foray into France. Wilson rather sat on his peace proposals, didn’t he?

I had your letter to-day and I have my eye out for my two registers which will probably come to-morrow. You[’re] a sweetheart to send me my watch and disc and a quid – all of which I need direly At the base and along we had to pay for meals as we went and the plate got very low.

I saw Tommy and Wright again today and they both thanked you for remembering them and send their best to you. They are very frank about their dislike for this country and are planning to be in Brighton very soon. Wright says he expects to be out first (of hospital) and he will cut Tommy out with the flamingo at Bexhill.

As usual I have been lonesome toute la journée and I think I shan’t ever be anything else while we are apart. You may go ahead and say that I love you less than you love me that I sometimes get tired – but its just the other away about. You could not possibly love me more than I love you – its impossible – and when I was I ever bored? Never, and well you know it. I never was so happy and content as I was in England and it was all because I was so sure of your love. You are a wonderful Lover, you know, Sweetheart – wonderful  and I adore you.

            Your own Ross