Original Letter


My Dearest Maidie:–

I’ve been having the grandest time ever the past hour just reading your letter. Its been giving me the grand thrills your being so glad to get my letters. I can’t understand how the punk letters I write can make you glad – if you could only get one from me like the ones I get from you. Why then you would have reason to rejoice, because your lettery, Dearest, are absolutely wonderful – just like you yourself.

It would be fine for ckground: yellow; mso-highlight: yellow;\">Madame Lemieux having you there with her but your arguments against it are sound. You are the clear sighted one and have a knack of doing the right thing.

I was afraid that ye olde Jezebel at Mrs Hedge’s was going to be a thorn in “our” sides and knew I had made a mistake as soon as I spoke to her. But you are well away from there now and it is only another unpleasant incident. I could easily see how well she and Hedges pulled.

You may keep my other cap for me but I should like the protractor – if its the wooden one – the celluloid one I can manage without. A mirror I need but can get here and pjamas would be a boon. My watch and disc have not arrived yet nor the kale but registered stuff comes slowly.

Stanway’s initials are “A.G.” so I think he is probably not the one in the casualty list. There is an officer from Toronto with us and he tells me that Lyman Henderson is over here somewhere. I should like to see him.

Good old “Burlington Sketch Sepias” – well, you have no one to blame but yourself – I didn’t want to do it. But just the same no copy of “Lives of Great Lead Swingers” would be complete without it.

Adored I am worshipping you today and every day. I think of you and love you every minute. You are everything in the world to me, You angel.

            Your own