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My Own Sweetheart:–

Lots of good things today – watch, disc, collar – dough and best of all a letter – all from you! I’m in fine fettle right now and no error. I needed the watch in the worst way and as for the kale – well I was so bust it hurt. I have to kick through with twenty francs per semaine for messing – in advance – and it was pas possible. But I’m jake now, thanks to you, Baby of mine.

Just as I was reading your letter telling me that Melburn was coming over he walked in. I was awfully glad to see him and get his news. He came over ‘s’il tu plâit’ with Bill Leicester who was on his way back from leave. He went to see us at the Thackeray the Saturday we went to Guildford. It is too bad we missed each other but I wouldn’t have given up my Saturday at Guildford for anything. It was one of our finest days. But every day we were together in England was like a day in heaven. I am in love with every minute of our time together, Sweetheart, it was all perfect. You gave me a wonderful four months you know, Maidie, and I think really that I love you more than ever. But I expect it isn’t possible. Anyway I love you to the exclusion of everything else – even reading. – We have nothing to read at present – its a poor front for reading The news appears to be good and today I hear that the Turk is getting his paper corrected over against Antioch or someplace. Good! Good! My disc is splendid and I can do nothing but admire it. You are a most generous thoughtful angel.

The weather is splendid and I am very comfortable, well fed and well housed. As a war its a good war – but I could wish it well over. I want only to be with you forever – away from everything and everyone but you. All my love Sweetheart

            Your own



Bill Leicester: Bill Leicester: