Original Letter


My Dearest Maidie:-

Just as regular as mealtime comes the letter from you and they are glorious letters and thrill me through and through. Sweetheart, you are glorious and you make me deliriously happy with the love you put into your letters. They are tout a fait wonderful and I devour them. I know my letters are short and unsatisfactory but it seems difficult for me to put my thoughts into words. But there is one thought that I can write easily and without effort and that is that I adore you, Maidie, I love you always my own, and that you are my whole existence, everything in the world to me. You have made me very happy always and there is no one in the world like you. Now I should like to be taken in your arms and have you tell me your love for me – Angel. I’m mad about you.

I am really having a very soft time and enjoying it to the full too. Last night I walked to the Horse Lines – a tidy step and got well lost on the way home too. But it was a good walk and I enjoyed it immensely.

I am using the Tozana regularly and, My Dear, there is new hair coming on apace. I have no chance to forget it for my batman puts it out regularly and under his eagle eye it is impossible to side step using it. Did I tell you about him? He was Stuart Moore’s batman and is a jewel. I think he isn’t the kind that gets spoiled or I suppose I’d soon spoil him. You needn’t worry about my clothes he will look after them all right.

I caught a cold – mostly cough  as soon as I got here but its getting better. Looking after myself is the best thing I do.

I must dodge along, Dear, as there are tons of things I must do. Will you let me hide my face and whisper something? Something interesting? Would you? Sweetheart.

            Your own Ross