Original Letter


My Own Sweetheart:-

We’ve been moving today and now – nearly midnight – I find myself in a good old deep smelly dugout. Before we moved I got your letter and had just time to read it before hitting the trail. It gave me heart for my work, my feet twinkled all the way and there was a song in my heart. Your letters are the best to me in the world, Dearest.

You need not have been perturbed about seeing Prescott’s name in the Casualty lists. He only cut his hand on barb wire and was report “wounded. at duty” Pas serieuse de toute cette blessure. He is quite jake. The other day when we were on the road – I was in charge of some details and marching along at the head of my cohort – Prescott trotted past on his horse. I saluted and he said “good afternoon, Sergeant Playfair”. Of course I never noticed until my merrie men snickered and one of them told me. So when we halted for supper I kidded him about it. He must have told the C.O. for the colonel came along laughing to me and told me that I would be quite within my rights in demanding an apology before all the Battalion and he was quite prepared to back me up!

Johnnie Walker has got the job of Scout Officer and doing quite well, I think.

This morning I met some men from Bruce Allerton’s battalion and made enquiries about him but none of them knew him.

I am getting amazingly sleepy, Dear, and I think you had better kiss me now. I love you worlds big today, My own.

            Your own



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