Original Letter


Maidie of mine:-

I am going to try and write some kind of a letter but as everything is very upset it may not be anything much. Upset and all I just got my mail – your letter – great! However my letters get through to you yours are reaching me regularly and its making this war bearable. I always did know that you loved me a lot but its glorious being told – and you tell it divinely, you Sweetheart.

How is it that Thompsons have to put you up in any such a manner? Not that the drawing room isn’t nice but its unusual. Like you I should dearly love to be settled to be in one place – the idea makes me dizzy. We will not know how to behave. I am mad to have a home and be settled I can’t tell you how much I hone for it but far more than that I want you to be with you anywhere, that is my real desire. But just think of our being together in our own home!

I told you about the chap who knew Lemon Henderson. Burroughs is his name – his father was in the furniture business in Toronto. Well I am getting very fond of him. He is a newcomer and he – unlike most of us – is not afraid to admit his ignorance and ask about things. He is going to be an awful good soldier and will make good. We have some good japes sometimes. Although he has never been “over the bags” and his men know him to be inexperienced they like him and will back him up. This probably doesn’t interest you but he is in my mind tonight.

I am quite sure that Tommy would have appreciated your kissing him good bye. He thinks that you are a pretty wonderful lady – as does Wright – and naturally. I am going to try and see Tom’as tonight (26th).

Dearest, I love you with all my love, You are all my love – I do nothing but love you. You are the sweetest and best of angels – the world has never known a girl like you – and never will again. I love you, love you love you. Your own