Original Letter



My Own Dearest:–

Here it is almost cinq heure and its the first chance I have had to write you. You see I am at present acting as company Commander (I wonder what McGarry would say) of “D” Coy and it is fraught with work – recommendations promotions, reorganization – its making my head swim but its interesting and exciting.

I got your letter today, Dear, perfectly glorious as usual and it has made me a new man. I was pretty tired when we got out and have not had much chance to rest up since but I never felt better – full of pep and energy – it’s not a bad war – since we got out and since Bulgaria quit. From observations I would say that things are coming our way.

Pickering Clarke Sharpe and I are still here of the bunch who came over – and Johnnie Walker, which is pretty good.

It is a glorious day and I am writing this on my knees (my knees are my desk. I’m on a bed roll as a matter of fact) in front of my tent. After shell holes a tent seems a pretty average first class bedroom.

Dearest, I want to tell you right now that I love you with every last little bit of me and that I am never and can never be happy away from you. You are my own wonder girl and I adore you.

I am enclosing you a small souvenir – which a chap gave me since we came out – I could have had a wagon load of stuff in the line but somehow never bothered.

I must get on now, Sweetheart. with all my love

            Your own



Love to the Thompsons



[Up the left margin of the first page is written:]

Pick asks to be remembered to you – we are in the same company.