Original Letter

                                    October 3rd 1918


My Own Angel:–

I have had more or less of a tough night – we moved yesterday – back a little more – and our bed rolls did not get delivered. So we had a bit of a funk hole with no coats or cover. It was nice and cool and I didn’t sleep at all. But somehow or other losing a nights sleep doesn’t seem a calamity and today I feel as fit as a fiddle. I didn’t get a letter though – bad cess to it.

I am pretty busy one way and another and yesterday and today I have written seven letters! hard ones to write too – to next of kin – and I certainly loathe the job. But then none of this work is so very agreeable. I could almost wish it were all over – easily. But its all going very well and I do not think that it will be very long until the end comes.

Isn’t it drole about Wax going to be married? It is fine though and I hope to hear that you like his fiancee. He should know what he wants by now as he has philandered with several.

Did I tell you that I was working with Sandy Dyde? He is O.C. “B” and “B” and “D” are joined temporarily. He is O.C. the combined companies and I help him. I saw quite a bit of him in the show – was with him a lot and everything I have heard about him is true. He is a great man. He is not Farrell Dyde but a younger brother. Farrell is a Battery Commander in the Imperial’s. This Sandy is the coolest thing on earth without exception.

Dearest, do you know that I love you to distraction to-day? I do anyway. You are all I can think of and in a little more than two months I should be with you again. Officers are going on leave at a good lick and I am getting quite senior on that leave list. Course its early to be thinking of leave but –

Sweetheart, I would love to be taken in your arms for a while and be loved – I wouldn’t bore you with silly stories – I wouldn’t talk at all – just love you and be loved. With all my love, Dearest.

            Your own